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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Connections

Corporate & PR events play a pivotal role in the business world, serving as platforms for professionals from diverse industries to connect, share knowledge, and showcase their brand’s values. These events are not just about business transactions; they are opportunities to create lasting impressions and foster meaningful relationships. 

In this era of visual communication, corporate event photography has emerged as a critical element in capturing the essence of these events and transforming moments into unforgettable experiences. As your photographer, I will ensure that the highlights of your event are immortalized through stunning visuals that resonate with your audience.

My goal is to encapsulate the energy, enthusiasm, and professionalism that define your event. I am dedicated to providing you with a collection of images that not only showcase the success of your event but also reflect the unique essence and brand identity of your company.

Jason Chia - Event Photographer

Need A Skilled Corporate Event Photographer ?

Hi, I'm a photographer in Singapore specializing in corporate, PR, and social events. Over the past 15 years, I have the pleasure of working on a wide range of events, building a diverse portfolio that showcases my unique perspective and passion for event photography.

Corporate and PR events provide valuable networking opportunities for professionals. When photographing these events, I look for moments of people interacting with each other, this is crucial as they showcase the event's success in fostering connections and show the audience what the event is all about.

While capturing posed shots is essential, I firmly believe that candid moments hold a special place in corporate event photography. It is during these unguarded moments that genuine emotions are displayed, connections are formed, and the true essence of the event is revealed. By discreetly blending into the background, I strive to capture these candid moments that tell the story of the event and evoke an emotional response from viewers.

In addition, I will also be attentive to details that highlight your event's branding or your company's identity. This includes keeping an eye out for branded signage, nametags, or promotional materials that effectively convey your message to attendees. By capturing these elements in my photography, I aim to showcase the cohesive and impactful presence of your brand throughout the event.

I truly appreciate the immense effort and dedication involved in planning and organizing a corporate event. It's my utmost priority to ensure that all that hard work pays off by delivering exceptional photography that captures the true essence and highlights the best moments of the occasion. I will collaborate closely with you to ensure that my photos not only accurately depict the event but also serve as a timeless tribute to the tremendous effort invested in making it a resounding success.

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Qualities That Make Me The Right Photographer

Quality Imagery

Corporate events are diverse in terms of shooting and lighting conditions, and I approach each one with versatility and the ability to turn a simple idea into a unique and innovative image.

From capturing the moment to post-production, I pay careful attention to every step of the creative process to ensure that your event is showcased in the best possible way.

Focus On Purpose

As a specialist in event photography, I know how crucial it is to capture the key moments of any occasion. Focusing on purpose serves as a reminder to me that photos should not only be visually appealing but also serve a purpose and convey meaning.

I strive to offer you a collection of images that can serve multiple purposes, be it for marketing, internal records, or any other relevant use.

Client Oriented

Building long-lasting relationships with my clients is something that I take pride in. Providing exceptional customer service is the key to achieving this.

I understand that clear and honest communication is crucial in fully comprehending my clients’ vision. Every client has their own unique objectives, and I make it my priority to meet their photography needs.

Attention to Detail

Having accumulated years of experience in event photography, I have developed a sharp eye for detail, knowing how to find the best angles, lighting, and composition to create great images.

Using my expertise, I am able to to spot the little things that can make a big impact on the overall image, such as the right expression on someone's face, an uncluttered backdrop, or ensuring that the photo features the brand logo or signage.

What To Expect From My Corporate Event Photography Service


I always maintain a high level of professionalism in my conduct, ensuring that I represent your brand and event in the best manner.

Competitive Pricing

I offer competitive pricing that represents excellent value for money, without compromising on quality or service.


I can be flexible and adaptable to your needs, whether it's adjusting my schedule to fit with the timeline or accommodating requests or requirements.


I use a combination of formal, candid, and journalistic photography styles, so that you can get the type of images that best suit your needs.

Quick Delivery

I provide fast turnaround time for your images, so that you can use them promptly for your desired objectives.


I understand the importance of being respectful and inconspicuous. I will make sure to prioritize this and the flow of the event is not disrupted in any way.

Frequently Asked Questions

I provide photography for various corporate and social events such as:

  • Award Ceremony
  • Client Appreciation
  • Company Branding
  • Company Party
  • Company Team Building
  • Conference
  • Corporate Networking
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Convention
  • Dinner & Dance
  • Entertainment
  • Exhibition
  • Family Day & Carnival
  • Farewell Party
  • Festive Celebration
  • Gala Dinner
  • Official Opening
  • Panel Discussion
  • Performance
  • PR & Media Event
  • Product & Service Launch
  • Roadshow
  • Seminar
  • Store Opening
  • Trade Show
  • Workshop

My rates are dependent on the nature, complexity and duration of the event.
I will provide you a quotation with the best prices.

Yes, ACRA registered business.

High resolution 300 dpi JPG images with PDF index sheet.

There is no set limit as it depends on the progression and duration of the event.
The longer your event, the more photos I can capture and supply to you.
However, I focus on providing high-quality photos rather than simply increasing the quantity.

Images in JPG format compressed into a zip file for online transfer.

Yes, all photos are individually touched up to bring out the best image and quality possible.

Turnaround time is typically 1 to 3 days depending on you event’s duration.
For reference:

  • 1 day event – Delivered within 24 hours
  • 2 days event – Delivered within 48 hours
  • 3 days or more – Delivered within 72 hours

Yes, limited number of photos can be delivered after your event, with prior arrangement and additional fees.

Request For Quotation or Contact Me with information about your event.
Upon confirmation, a deposit fee is required to secure the booking.

Please provide the following information:

  • Event description
  • Event date
  • Event location
  • Event start & end time
  • Duration of photography required (number of hours)

I will arrive 20-30 minutes before the scheduled start time, unless delayed by circumstances that’s beyond my control.

If the event exceeds the scheduled end time or booking duration by more than 30 minutes, an additional charge will apply based on the hourly rate.
Client will be given prior notice in such circumstances.

If the event is rescheduled, I will accommodate the new date depending on availability.
For cancellation, 50% of deposit will be retained.

In case of unforeseeable circumstances, illness, or any other factors beyond my control that force me to cancel, I will refund any deposit made.

30 days from date of invoice.

  • PayNow
  • Interbank Funds Transfer
  • Cheque
  • Online via Visa or Mastercard (+2% surcharge)

I own the copyright to all images including rights to use them for my own promotional purposes.
You have usage rights for promotion, marketing, PR and editorial for as long as you need without additional cost.

At my discretion, I may use selected number of photos for self-promotional purposes on my website and online profiles, including but not limited to social media.
Photos will not be sold for any commercial purposes.

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